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Jules Porter on the Social Change Leaders Podcast!

Jules Porter: Lifting As She Climbs in the Video Game Industry and Beyond

March 12, 2020

Dear Seraph Nation,

We are excited to announce that Jules was featured on the Social Change Leaders Podcast. Please take a moment to check out the interview!

Link to post on Social Change Leaders website:

Link to Social Change Leaders Facebook page:

If not you, who?

On today’s episode we speak with Jules Porter, Esq and MBA, and learn how and why she is leading the way toward a more diverse video gaming industry. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Jules’ diverse background and how her commitment to learning led her to careers in the military, engineering, the legal system as well as launching the first Black woman-owned company to launch a console video game, Seraph 7 Studios.

  • How the $164 billion gaming industry is larger than the world-wide sports industry.

  • How the development of video games is impacted by the fact that 3% of gaming programmers represent people of color and about 5% of the industry is women.

  • The influences of media conditioning and how that informs our perception of race, especially in rural and more segregated communities.

  • Some of the barriers faced by women and people of color entering the gaming industry and by those participating in gaming.

  • How Jules managed to launch a video gaming company and why she is doing a kick-starter campaign to support artists and other professionals to fill diversity gaps in the gaming industry. 

  • Across all industries, Black women receive less than 1 % of the funding provided by venture capitalists, thus using alternate avenues to acquire funding, such as Kickstarter, is imperative.

  • The cool concept behind her fist game, Ultimate Elder Battle Royale.

  • The way that Seraph 7 Studios is also a social enterprise.  Seraph 7 Studios, LLC, portrays people of color in a positive light, provides positive heroes for young girls and kids of color, and improves the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) competence and confidence of local high school students.

  • Jules’ philosophy of ‘lifting as we climb’ and how her work supports students to build skills and confidence for a future in the gaming industry by learning art, storyboarding, animation, gaming physics, gaming architecture, C++, etc.

In this episode:

Connect with Jules and Seraph 7 Studios on -

More about Seraph 7 Studios:

Founded by JD/MBA student Jules Porter in her parent's basement (like all other tech companies), Seraph 7 Studios, LLC is a console video game development company that empowers compelling change through diverse storytelling and empowering local youth. Seraph 7 Studios believes in powering social change by bringing unique and meaningful diverse story-lines to the video game medium and teaching local students how to code for console platforms (Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Xbox One, and Sony PlayStation 4.

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