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Seraph 7 Studios develops video games for the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, and Computer (PC) that create change for Black and Indigenous communities all over the world. Seraph 7 distributes through online marketplaces for instant purchase-to-play. Seraph 7 develops a skilled diverse tech workforce by providing a game development focused science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) work-study for high school students. Seraph 7 is a Minnesota Public Benefit Corporation with a balanced focus on maximizing joy, profit, and positive societal impact..

*STEAM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math

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We at Seraph 7 Studios use breakthrough technology to create the most innovative, fun, and immersive games on the planet that also uplift underrepresented communities. We are guided by passion for the stories we tell, dedication to our players, and commitment to quality. The basis of our game design is, above all, that families enjoy and are as satisfied as possible with our meaningful games.

Mission: To empower systemic change - both in life and in dreams.

Vision: Togetherness through gaming and wonder.

OUR GOAL: Empower the next generation of gamers and developers to tell their unique stories and manifest their imaginations in an interactive medium with unrivaled authenticity.

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EvEry PlayEr

Seraph 7 Studios is a Console Video Game Development Studio founded in Minnesota by a lawyer who loves video games and is passionate about systemic change. We create immersive games that are fun, yet meaningful.  We create a hero for every player and provide STEAM programs for local students.

At Seraph 7 Studios, we want our players to feel our games: To rejoice with us, be terrified with us, and accompany us across a universe of adventure!  Our games are made with care and a focus on great game play and story-telling.

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Seraph 7 Studios developed a three-year work-study program for Twin Cities area high-school students. This robust program provides 10th, 11th, and 12th graders with hands on video game development experience. Students learn how to write a script, develop concept art, and use Unreal Engine 5 and other computer programs to develop games for console platforms (PlayStation, XBox, and Nintendo).  This individualized and project-based program is aimed at making students STEAM career ready upon graduation, providing diverse students with more tools to compete in the global economy.


Ultimate Elder Battle is a humorous over-the-top action and role-playing game that asks the question: what happens if superheroes aged and were 80 years old, living in a nursing home, started an underground fight club, and were still fighting bad guys?

Songbirds is a series of unique story-driven action and adventure role-playing games (RPGs) that focus on the music, personalities, lives, and stories of musical legends. 

Also in the works: our paid apprenticeship program for community members with drive and potential who need experience and mentorship in the gaming industry.

June Pointer concept art for Songbirds, a video game by Jules Porter and Seraph 7 Studios
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