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Jules Featured in Twin Cities Business!

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Seraph 7's founder, Jules Porter, has been honored by Twin Cities Business as one of 20 Minnesotans Designing the Future of Innovation. "Driven by her overwhelming desire to build empathy, fight racism, and break down stereotypes..." Jules is making a large impact on the Twin Cities community. Twin Cities Business highlighted Seraph 7 Studios' first game, "Ultimate Elder Battle Royale" as well as Seraph 7's applied, advanced STE[A]M course that teaches local high school students how to develop video games and prepares them for STE[A]M careers.

"I can’t think of anyone better to represent the possibility and power of changing the world through technology in 2021 than Porter, who is on our cover and this year’s Tech 20 list..."

"Seraph 7’s first game, due out this year, attacks monsters much larger than any gaming screen: racism and gender inequality. It stands up for senior citizens, too. In Porter’s breakthrough game, Ultimate Elder Battle Royale, many of the superheroes are women and people of color who grow old and fight enemies with weaponized walkers. Characters are voiced by older local actors."

Check out the various interviews with Jules and Twin Cities Business:

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Jules on the Cover:


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