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Follow Through for Justice!

Bills to Support!

The trial of Derek Chauvin is over and the sentence has been pronounced. However, the fight for justice is NOT over. For lasting change, we all need to keep moving forward and use our energy, skills, talents, and access for the extremely important follow-through efforts. We stand with Minnesotans and all humans who demand Justice for George Floyd. We lend our support by reading, commenting upon, and speaking with our elected officials about the following bills during this year's state legislative session. We enthusiastically encourage you to do the same.

Federal Proposed Legislation:

George Floyd Justice in Policing Act

Minnesota Proposed Bills to Review:

Philando Castile Omnibus Bill

HF 784

End the Statute of Limitations for Lawsuits for Wrongful Deaths Caused by Police

HF 717

Strengthen Civilian Oversight

HF 640

End Police-Only Responses to Mental Health Crisis Calls

HF 1686

End Qualified Immunity

HF 1104

SF 580

End Prosecution for Reporting Police Misconduct

HF 2201

Repealing Minn. Stat. 609.505(2)

End No Knock Warrants

HF 1762

SF 2139

Require Police to Carry Professional Liability Insurance

HF 440

SF 815

Require Access to Body Worn Camera Footage in Police Critical Incidents within 48 Hours

HF 1103

SF 807

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