of the serengeti

Name:  “Manny” Manani Jahi Mwita Deo
Aliases:  Manzili, Ghost Prophet of Mapigano Makali, Keeper of the Serengeti, The Almighty Ghost, The Albino Manzili
Hometown: Serengeti, Tanzania (exact city unknown)
Age:  80.  Born July 27, 1940  
Powers: Legally blind but has Superhuman vision at night; Can sense vibrations and use them to “see”; Superhuman reflexes; Superhuman hearing and sense of smell; Trained to the peak of human strength and durability; Enhanced fighting prowess and ferociousness; Master of numerous African fighting styles: Dambe, Donga, Evala, Laamb Wrestling, and Nguni; Master of Jeet Kune Do; Can learn the fighting styles of his opponents; Master covert operations tactician and agent; Beastmaster often aided by animals.   
Notes:  Manny’s albinism caused him to become legally blind and to have an aversion to sunlight.  He is most effective at night and has excellent night vision. Manny uses smell to sense danger.  He is the best hand-to-hand fighter in the world and likes to challenge his opponents to land a single blow without using their superpowers.  Manny speaks Swahili, English, and Arabic.
Notable Feats:  Manny defeated the goddess Mhaya to avenge the death of his sister. He also defeated the six giants of Nimrod. Manny defeated the great swordsman Jabali without using a weapon or losing a limb. Manny teamed up with Asar to defeat Shashaya.  He masterminded many plans, including the plan that helped Aesir defeat Zeus.   
Favorite Feats: Manny enjoys caring for wounded animals in the Serengeti. At night, he often scares off poachers by punching them in the face. Manny has joined many covert missions to apprehend violent dictators: “When I catch them, I look for a reason to punch them in the face. For the people.” Manny started a superhero group with Asar called Jua na Mwezi (Sun and Moon).  Despite his ferociousness as a fighter, Manny is a renown painter and sculptor.   
Real Life Celebrity Crush:  Amandina Lihamba and Tina Turner
In His Own Words:  
“I like strong women who are legends of their craft.  A woman who gives her all to improve this world.”
“I grew up in the Serengeti. My parents cared for the animals. My favorites where the zebras because they reminded me of my own identity” 
“On the night I was born, the volcano Ol Doinyo Lengai had a small eruption.  It caused white ash to fall down upon the Serengeti. I was born albino so the people thought I was magical. They also believed the ash symbolized I was a prophet. This saved my life. Shamans and zealots back then killed ambinos to use our “magical” body parts in their rituals.”
“Many albinos have eye issues and so do I. I am legally blind. Albinos can’t correct our vision with eye-glasses or surgery, so I had to learn how to see through sounds, vibrations, and smell. I can see the aura that extends from the body and I can see it best at night.”
“Growing up, my mother would often hide me from strangers. She was afraid they would kill me. I got sick of hiding and decided to learn how to fight. I fought so well, my legend as a prophet grew. Strangers were now coming to town to see me. They called me the Ghost Prophet of Mapigano Makali (fierce fighting). They were afraid of me. Much too afraid to try to kill me. My mother was pleased and began to charge them to meet me.”
“My hobbies? I like to paint. Being an African man with no pigment has been difficult, so I like bringing color to the world. Even though I cannot see well, I paint my memories and what I feel on the inside. I spend a lot of time with animals, but I feel connected to humanity when I paint.”
“Some people have said I talk a lot.”