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Connect us with Ubisoft

Ubisoft is one of the few (maybe the only) AAA video game developers that has featured a Black man, a Black woman, a Native American man, and a Chinese-American woman as main heroes in their own games (Assassin’s Creed series). Ubisoft is also the company that released Rocksmith, Just Dance, and Just Sing - all revolutionary rhythm and music games. We are very interested in what a collaboration can look like. Ubisoft is also a video game publisher - a very successful video game publisher that we think will have a unique understanding of and appreciation for our work and game concepts. We have tried to connect with Ubisoft in the past, to no avail. We could definitely use your help obtaining a warm introduction to the company. Laurent Detoc is the head of Ubisoft's Direct-to-Player group, and Ubisoft's Global Publishing group is headed by Alain Corre.

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