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Ruth POiNtEr

Concept Art

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Ruth Pointer

Location: Earth

Born: March 19

Zodiac: Pisces

Alignment: Complicated

Aura Color: Radiant Blue

Temperament: Rebellious, Witty, Candid, Tough Love Dealer

Special Note: Daddy's Girl


Super strength, generates defensive barriers, can restore the health of allies, finds a way to survive 

Ruth concept 164 binary.png

Ruth POiNtEr


Ms. Ruth Pointer is a national treasure. She is extremely witty, hilarious, candid, and the most consistent presence in The Pointer Sisters' lineup. Ms. Ruthy has great comedic timing and instincts. Good luck finding a single frame or image where Ruth Pointer is not naturally flawless. She is also extremely complex.  

I watched, rewatched, and analyzed so many interviews from the 70s, 80s, and 90s (and read her book twice) to get her "voice" in my head for the script. To me, she seemed very honest and forthcoming, yet equally guarded. She was very fun and witty, yet hard to know. Eventually, I came across an interview she and Anita gave on Vicki in the 90s. Ms. Ruthy quite passionately shared about a book she was reading. In the book, there was a knight who never took off his armor because he always wanted to be ready - never being caught off guard. The years passed and the knight's kid began to forget the knight's face. The knight was finally ready to remove his armor; however, he found he could not take it off! The armor was rusted, and the knight was trapped inside. Ms. Ruthy's telling of the story stood out to me because of the true excitement in her eyes when she spoke, the lessons she drew, and because I had never seen her take over an interview before to talk about a book (before her own book tour in 2016). Oddly, this really helped me connect the dots and suddenly, I understood her! (As much as one can understand a person they do not know).

It seems there were at least two distinct volumes in the Book of Ruth - before her 40s and after her 40s - and she openly shares her life with us. In writing the script for this game, I worked very hard to capture her beautifully complex depth and transformation. I have taken away so many life lessons and truths from the story of her life and I am not the same person that I was when I began writing the script. I am grateful.


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