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Concept Art

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June Pointer

Location: Heaven

Born: November 30

Zodiac: Sagittarius 

Alignment: Good

Aura Color: Purple

Temperament: Kind, Giving, Charismatic, Moody, Rockstar 

Note: [Redacted due to spoilers].


Superhuman quickness, Super evade, [redacted due to spoilers].  

June concept 241 binary.png



I just love June's rockstar energy. 

While my concept for the Songbirds series of games came to me when listening to Etta James and Dinah Washington; the idea for Songbirds: Fairytale was sparked by June's charisma. 

When I was a kid, my family taped (VHS) the Motown Merry Christmas Special back in 1987. My brothers and I would watch it all the time, especially around Christmas. This became an annual tradition until I lost track of the VHS tape. However, on Christmas Day 2023, I found footage of the special on YouTube. After all of the intro stuff was out of the way, The Pointer Sisters opened the show. They jammed from one side of the stage to the other. Then they proceed to rock down the aisle...around the corner...and out the door! Everybody in the crowd is on their feet like it's a revival service at church! June was also giving favorite auntie at the reunion energy.


This time (in 2023) when I watched the Motown special, I had the Songbirds game top of mind. When I saw June somehow displaying even more charisma than her charismatic sisters, my imagination just exploded. The more I learned about June, the more I just had to know about her sisters and family. I just fell in love with the Pointer Family and connected with The Pointer Sister's music in a special way. This game and the script just started pouring out of me.   

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