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Concept Art

Abstract Background

Bonnie Pointer

Location: Heaven

Born: July 11

Zodiac: Cancer, Tiger

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Aura Color: Red

Temperament: Independent, Creative, Charming, Fierce

Special Note: Very Artistic and Persuasive 

Style & Powers:

Brawler, super charm, levitation, [redacted due to spoilers].  

Bonnie concept 82 binary.png



Ms. Bonnie Pointer was pure talent, charm, and energy. I absolutely adore Bonnie. Early on when writing the script for this game, I came across a fan who stated Bonnie was the "Godmother of Extra." That description was spot-on and it brought me a lot of joy when performance after performance and picture after picture confirmed and reinforced Bonnie's Godmother status. Everything Bonnie did was indeed extra, interesting, creative, artistic, fun, and uniquely "Bonnie." Ms. Anita once said that no matter what was going on, Bonnie was ALWAYS HAPPY. Bonnie was also the epitome of independence. After founding the group and adding an unrivaled depth to The Pointer Sisters' harmony throughout the group's first four albums, Bonnie abruptly left the group in 1976 to do her own thing. Bonnie then proceeded to go and tear the disco floors apart! 


Staying true to Bonnie's independent streak and the idea that she does not do anything she does not want to do, there is a mechanic in the game where at random times when Players select Bonnie to join their party, Bonnie will simply say "No." Then she will head off somewhere in the game world to do whatever it is she wants to do. Bonnie also just randomly shows up at places going about her day - often with some of the Player's equipment she "borrowed" in sisterly fashion. There are a few other "Bonnie-centric" special mechanics in the game and they each bring me so much happiness because I think Ms. Bonnie Pointer would be here for every moment of it!        


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