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aNita POiNtEr

Concept Art

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Anita Pointer

Location: Heaven

Born: January 23

Zodiac: Aquarius

Alignment: Purely Good

Aura Color: White & Gold

Temperament: Intelligent, Compassionate, Hard-Working

Special Note: Avid Writer and Collector


Healing aura, heavy magic user, power of persuasion - can charm foes and cause them to lose the will to fight 

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aNita POiNtEr


There is so much to say about Ms. Anita Pointer and the impact she has had on my life. It is hard to express how sad I am that I never got to meet her during her lifetime. I am thankful for the books she wrote, all of the interviews she gave, and all of the music she left to uplift us. I was born a few days (and many decades) after Anita and we are both Aquariuses. In every interview, performance, and interaction caught on film, Anita's genuine kindness and compassion were on full display. This warmth was equaled by her meticulous drive that she humbly tried to downplay. I think humble perfectionists have a way of immediately spotting one another. 


Ms. Anita's pen game was strong. She penned many hits throughout the decades including I'm So Excited, Special Things, Could I Be Dreaming, Easy Days, How Long (Betcha' Got a Chick on the Side), and Fairytale (with Bonnie) which won The Pointer Sisters their first Country Grammy. I soon realized the majority of my favorite Pointer Sisters songs were written in whole or part by Ms. Anita - to include New Love, True Love (with June). She was also the driving force behind pushing her sisters to stay on task and release nearly an album a year between 1973 and 1993 - for a total of 15 studio albums! There are also whisperings of all the silent things she did for others, for the community, and for the culture. A few things are certain: Anita was a brilliant and giving person who loved her family above all. In her book, she often mentions her family's motto: "When I'm blessed, we're blessed."


In Songbirds: Fairytale, Ms. Anita's character is an elite mage. She heals her sisters and can knockout foes without the need to use a weapon.

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