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(Updated April 30, 2020)

I am still playing Death Stranding.  Hideo Kojima is such a visionary!  The themes and gameplay centered around human connection during a time of fear and isolation is PERFECT for our current day.  I looked up some of the game's criticism and it seems in November 2019, some players found the NPCs difficult to connect with because there were only interacting with hologram projections and not face-to-face.  Fast forward to April 2020, and our connection with others is through Zoom and phone calls for our own protection, much like the game.   So far, I am finding Death Stranding to be fantastic.  I hope I can meet the great Hideo Kojima one day.  I am thankful for him and all he done for gaming. 

When I first started Death Stranding, I was also playing Civilization 6.  I am a huge Civ 4 fan, but I skipped Civ 5.  This made Civ 6 tough to get into.  There's so much for me to learn as none of my instincts developed in Civ 4 seem to do me much good. I will get back to it once I finish Death Stranding.

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(Updated May 7, 2020)

During game development this week, I've been playing Toni Braxton's full lineup.  You are welcome for the following: 

For Seven Whole Days, I have been playing the Spanish Guitar trying to Un-break My Heart.  Always left wondering How Can An Angel Break My Heart.   I'm just trying to Breathe Again and Just be a [wo]Man About It. But at the end of the day, I need to Let It Flow and Hit the Freeway while I focus on The Little Things.  I hear a polar vortex is on the way, but Long As I Live... I Wish for The Heat.   Yesterday, I talked to my Best Friend In the Late of Night about how My Heart was Coping. She said "Woman, I Heart You, How Many Ways can people Hurt You"?  Then I woke up and realized it was all just Another Sad Love Song.  It was time to get back to working on my game.  I knew I should just Do It, but I Didn't Want To; however, my Hands [were] Tied.  Finishing this game Mean[s] the World To Me.

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(Updated April 30, 2020)

Mermaid Down on Amazon Prime.  I don't really get what I just watched...especially the ghost.  Why was there a ghost?    It was a decent film to watch during lockdown - if you want a story about what happens when immoral people catch a mermaid, and don't mind the random ghost.

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