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Jai, a superhero by Jules Porter and Searph 7 Studios


A Video Game Development Studio Dedicated To
Empowering the Underestimated.

Seraph 7 Studios, the changemaker, is the leading social venture company dedicated to empowering compelling change in gaming, education, and underestimated communities.

Seraph 7 Studios develops console video games (PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo) that create change for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities worldwide. Seraph 7 distributes through online marketplaces for instant purchase-to-play. Seraph 7 provides science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) work-study for local high school students.

Seraph 7 Studios is a Minnesota Public Benefit Corporation.

Our first game and apprenticeship program will launch in 2022.  Our 3-year STEAM program will be rolled out for the 2023 - 2024 school-year.

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A Fresh Video Game Development Studio

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Nazca, The Immortal Stone, an Earth-moving superhero from Jules Porter & Seraph 7's upcoming game, "Ultimate Elder Battle Royale"
Asar, The Golden Man, a solar-powered superhero in Jules Porter & Seraph 7's upcoming game, "Ultimate Elder Battle Royale"

Seraph 7 Studios is a Console Video Game Development Studio founded in Minnesota by a lawyer who loves video games and social entrepreneurship. We create immersive games that are fun, yet meaningful.  We create a hero for every player and provide STEAM programs for local students.

At Seraph 7 Studios, we want our players to feel our games: To rejoice with us, be terrified with us, and accompany us across a universe of adventure!  Our games are made with care and a focus on great game play and story-telling.

We are currently developing  our first game, Ultimate Elder Battle Royale.  Our three-year work-study STEAM program for local high school students will launch in the Twin Cities during the 2022-2023 school year.

Mission: To empower compelling change - both in life and in dreams.

Vision: Togetherness through gaming and wonder.

*STEAM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math

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Empowering the Community

Seraph 7 Studios is developing a three-year work-study program for Twin Cities area high-school students.  This robust program provides 10th, 11th, and 12th graders with hands on video game development experience.  Students will learn how to write a script, develop concept art, and use a gaming development engine and other computer programs to develop games for console platforms (PlayStation, XBox, and Nintendo).  This individualized and project-based program is aimed at making students STEAM career ready upon graduation, providing diverse students with more tools to compete in the global economy.

We also have a paid apprenticeship program for community members with drive and potential who need experience and mentorship in the gaming industry.

OUR GOAL: Invest in the next generation of gamers to empower them to tell their unique stories and manifest their imaginations in an interactive medium with unrivaled authenticity.

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Seraph 7 Studios is designed to make progress towards five of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals:


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Be honest. A fighting game where elders have super powers, epic theme songs, amazing costumes, and weaponized walkers is something you never knew you REALLY wanted to play. We have you covered. 

This game features voice actors from local Minnesota retirement homes and elder communities.

Learn more about our characters!



A war of literally Biblical proportions where a third of the angels rebel against God... and no one has made a video game about this yet?  Don't worry, we have you covered. Hang tight for a few years and you will be able to throw planets at demons and chain up fallen angels in no time.  Be careful though, go overboard and you may start to fall from heaven's good graces yourself. 

War in Heaven allows players to play through Lucifer's rebellion as seven different angels - seven different perspectives.  One of those perspectives will be of an angel who decided to join the rebellion...  

War in Heaven will feature a robust single player campaign, co-op play, and epic online multi-player battles. Players will have the opportunity to create their own angels in the multiplayer using a built-in character creator.

Image (c) Jordan 2013




Abebi is a woman on a mission in this open world space traveling RPG.  Yes, you read that right...


(And yes, we yelled that at you).

This open-world space role playing game tells the story of a young girl (her father’s 17th child, and only daughter) born millions of years ago in a distant star system.  Her planet is a perfect paradise where her people have a lifespan that is thousands of Earth years.  On her 100th birthday, Abebi is eager to find her siblings and see what mysteries the universe, and her people, hold. 


Abebi's decisions throughout her journey impact the story, how she is received on different planets, and whether she will be welcomed home with joy or sadness. 

Image (c) SoDesigns1 2013




Harriet is a virtual reality (VR) horror survival game that puts players in the shoes of American hero, Harriet Tubman.  Think "The Last of Us" but with humans instead of zombies.  Players must use stealth, wit, speed, and ingenuity to survive an intense journey.  Players must decide whom they will trust, whom they will save, and how they will escape.

Image (c) Devon Kelley-Yurdin

licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0


(War in Heaven II)

Release Date TBD

You didn't capture all of the rebelling angels the first time.  Some escaped to Earth and became worshiped by humans as the gods and goddesses of the first civilizations.  You are one of a team of angels tasked to capture or destroy your fallen brethren and free mankind.

War for Earth will feature a robust single player campaign, co-op play, and epic online multi-player battles.

Image (c) Malak Adonai and Marek Oken 2018



(War in Heaven III)

Release Date TBD

The fiery conclusion to an epic trilogy. Players will play out the Biblical Book of Revelation. 

The Tribulation (War in Heaven III) will feature a robust single player campaign, co-op play, and cosmically epic online multi-player battles.   

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