Kickstarter campaign launches 02.27.20

What you are funding:

Ultimate elder battle royale

A fighting game for PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox where elders have super powers, epic theme songs, amazing costumes, and weaponized walkers. 

This game features:

Voice actors from local Minnesota retirement homes and elder communities

Two player co-op (with online multiplayer if we have enough funding)

20 playable characters

Absolute hilarity

History in the making

When launched, Ultimate Elder Battle Royale will be the first console (PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox) video game made by a solely Black woman owned company.  Let's rock this!

Our mission is to empower compelling change - both in life and in dreams.

This starts with representation in gaming, but it also includes providing careers, and preparing the next generation for excellence as students and in the global economy upon graduation.

Though we are the first, lifting as we climb means we will not be the last or only.

Social program curriculum

Our Kickstarter fundraising goal is $175,000.  However, we need $375,000 to fully fund the game and an additional $20,000 to develop the curriculum for our social programs. (So about $400,000 overall).

Our High School Applied, Advanced STEAM Work Study Course:

Our course teaches students how to develop video games for consoles. This involves learning art, animation, photography, 3D modeling, architecture, level design, mechanics design, development engines, and C++ among other skills.

Students also receive mentorship, a paycheck, high school credit, and college credit.

In order for this to be a robust and effective top-tier program, we are hiring a team of retired and current educational administrators to develop the curriculum and help us build partnerships with local schools.

the reward levels:

Quick notice

This section is provided as an overview of what to expect.

While our rewards are pretty set, they may still change before we launch on 07.17.20. 


Donate any amount to our Kickstarter campaign without a reward simply because it speaks to you.

All backers have the option of receiving an in-game thank you!

$97 or More

early backer

The first 100 backers that donate $97 or more can claim a bundle that includes:

A digital copy of the game, the Break the Universe lore eBook, and a Seraph 7 Studios T-Shirt!

Remember: We launch at 7:07 pm on 02.27.20

$17 or More

Vinyl Sticker / Decal

Perfect for your laptop or vehicle to show your support.

$27 or more

Break the Universe eBook

Break codes and solve puzzles to learn about Seraph 7 Studios and the lore of the

Seraph Universe.

$57 or More

Game Bundle

Digital copy of Ultimate Elder Battle Royale + A Season Pass for additional content

(Please note that you need a gaming console and internet connection to use the download code).

$107 or more

Poster Bundle

Signed poster(s)

plus the Game Bundle

plus the Break the Universe eBook!

$1,077 or more

Platinum VIP Membership

Platinum membership in the Seraph Nation comes with exclusive VIP access to our launch parties and exclusive content in ALL of our games - just for you.

You also receive the game bundle!

$3,077 or more

Seraph 7 School Speaker

Our founder, Jules, will speak at a Minnesota school of your choice. 

(Please note the school must approve).

Schools outside of MN will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

$15,077 or More


Be a voice actor and/or character in Ultimate Elder Battle Royale!

You also receive the Game Bundle and the Break the Universe eBook!

$57,077 or more

Corporate or Family Package

An in-game arena will be designed/themed around your company, organization, or family.



You can best help us by spreading the word before launch and again on launch day!  Supporting us on day one of the campaign goes a long way towards helping us build momentum.

Kickstarter 02.27.20 About Us: Funky Version
Kickstarter 02.27.20 Launch: The Epic Battle
Kickstarter 02.27.20 Teaser: The Invasion

Mission: To empower compelling change - both in life and in dreams.

Vision: Togetherness through gaming and wonder.

Kickstarter 02.27.20 Teaser: Game Logo Reveal
Kickstarter 02.27.20 Update: Puppy Version
Kickstarter 02.20.20 Teaser: Stay Cozy & Support
Kickstarter 02.20.20 Teaser: The Alien
Kickstarter 02.20.20 Teaser: Moon Landing
Seraph 7 Studios Logo Reveal

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