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The campaign Ends 10.07.20


Social program curriculum

Our High School Applied, Advanced STEAM Work Study Course:

Our course teaches students how to develop video games for consoles! This involves learning art, animation, photography, 3D modeling, cinematography, architecture, level design, mechanics design, development engines, and C++ among other skills.

Students also receive mentorship, a paycheck, high school credit, and college credit.


In order for this to be a robust and effective top-tier program, we are hiring a team of retired and current educational administrators to develop the curriculum and help us build partnerships with local schools and educators.

History in the making

Funds raised over our goal will go towards the development of our first console game, Ultimate Elder Battle Royale.  When launched, it will be the first console (PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox) video game made by a Black woman owned and led company.  Let's rock this!

Our mission is to empower compelling change - both in life and in dreams.

This starts with representation in gaming, but it also includes providing careers and preparing the next generation for excellence as students and in the global economy upon graduation.

Though we are the first, lifting as we climb means we will not be the last.



You can best help us by spreading the word before launch and again on launch day!  Supporting us on day one of the campaign goes a long way towards helping us build momentum.

Seraph 7 Studios, the changemaker, is among the top social venture companies dedicated to empowering compelling change in gaming, education, and underestimated communities.

Move the Earth with Us!

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