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Connect us with Ruth Pointer

You can help us by providing a warm introduction to Ruth Pointer.

Ruth is the last surviving original member of The Pointer Sisters. More than earning her blessing for our game, we hope she will join us as a consultant and voice actor. We also hope we can twist her arm to record a new song for the game. We have a dream of Ruth covering THIS SONG for the game.

As quoted from Jules: “Ms. Ruthy is everything! I am so thankful to her and her sisters for all they gave to the world. They model to all young Black girls and women that we are allowed to break the mold and forge our own paths. As a kid, I was rebellious like Ms. Ruthy and as an adult, I found myself in need of transformation, very similar to her own life. I think Ms. Ruthy still has a lot to say and express, and I hope she will write and record a new song for this game. I will not mention the substantial amount of time I spent reading and re-reading Ms. Ruth’s book and listening closely to her during interviews – but it was significant. She has touched my life.”   

Jules will cheer on The Pointer Sisters at the Fool in Love festival and from the front row during the Alabama and Oklahoma legs of The Pointer Sisters' Evening Of Icons tour! Quote from Jules: "I'm So Excited!"

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